About Ener Gen LLC

Ener Gen LLC is an enhanced oil recovery company. Ener Gen LLC's corporate headquarters is in Houston, TX and has an Operations and Research and Development facility in Tulsa, OK. Our primary business is enhanced oil recovery and well services centered around our fleet of mobile gas injection units. We are doing research and development on thinning heavy oil and removing the sand from Tar Sands.

Ener Gen LLC's mission and values create a strong foundation for the company. We believe that there is always room to improve our equipment and how we use them. The result is a fleet of very reliable units that have a variety of uses.

Mission Statement

Ener Gen LLC is a results-oriented oil and gas service company that builds value through its employees by creating an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity, and resourcefulness and by dealing with everyone in an open and ethical manner.


Hire the best people. Our belief that our people are our most important asset provides the foundation for all of our values and convictions. To be the best, we need the best people - people who are always striving to obtain more and to maximize value for our company.

Always do the right thing. The most important of our values, integrity, defines the core of every relationship we have. Whether inside the company or outside the company, integrity establishes the trust that is critical to the relationships that make our values work. Embracing honesty and integrity as our most important value means we stick by our word and we will always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Deliver results. Our customers expect results. That is why we have to be results-driven with a clear focus on achievement.

Be a team player. A central value of our company is the belief that teamwork and collaboration will create a better organization, provide more fulfillment for employees, significantly reduce bureaucracy and dramatically improve results. Teamwork and cooperation increases response times, enhances effectiveness and helps to create an atmosphere of trust and goodwill that directly results in better performance.

Be a good neighbor. With the continued expansion of our business, the compass of communities that are touched by our operations continually grows. That is why we have a fundamental respect for the environment and the people and communities in which we operate.


For more than half a century William "Bill" Briggeman has been busy drilling, completing and producing oil and gas wells. It's during this time that Bill experienced firsthand the results of using N/CO2 injected into marginally producing wells to increase production. Even though this process worked it wasn't without flaws. While in the process of perfecting this system he stumbled into and developed new technology which allowed him to thin "heavy oil".

West Texas 1980, Bill is injecting N/CO2 into a well where the oil gravity was around 22 gravity. Upon completion of N/CO2 injection he brought the well back into production and noticed that the oil had a much lighter gravity. This got Bill to thinking, if the oil's gravity can be changed below ground then why not change the oil's gravity above ground. This thought lead Bill to invent, develop and patent what's now known as Ener Gen LLC's Heavy Oil Thinning Unit.